On Television

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In less than an hour…

… you can exercise your body hard enough to cause your brain and your sex organs gush out hormones that keep your sex drive high, your muscles strong, and your fat deposits small.

… you can relish the peacefulness of breathing slowly and deeply as you walk around your neighborhood.

… you can volunteer for a charitable organization (assuming you can find one that doesn’t perpetuate psychological dependency or amplify the condition of learned helplessness – good luck with that).

… you can meditate, at the very least causing a positive change in your brain chemistry that upgrades your creative ability to solve problems that would be otherwise insurmountable in your current state of mental health.

But instead of doing any of that… please, please grab your remote control and, for at least one hour per day, willingly submit to more dogshit programmed to push your emotional hot buttons and fuck your brain into demanding more prescription drugs.

Good idea.